Get additional discounts for the latest Cisco promotions, see all the all the Cisco programs available to complement your solutions. These programs are flexible, easy-to-use that support and reward you for identifying and developing new business opportunities, investing in technology, developing business solution practices and promoting product migration.

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Value Incentive program (VIP)

Want to receive a back end rebate when selling collaboration, data center, Borderless Networks, cloud and managed services, and Express products? How about increasing your profitability? Then VIP will be your tool to make this possible!!!

Opportunity Incentive Program (OIP)

Do you put lots of time into hunting down new customers? Would you like to be able to protect your deal? Get rewarded for all you hard work with OIP

Assessment Incentive Program (AIP)

Are you winning end-user opportunities through deployment of a Transformative Networking Practice? Receive additional discounts with AIP

Technology Migration Program (TMP)

If you are looking to upgrade your current Cisco products for the greatest and latest that Cisco has to offer, take part in TMP. With this program you can receive upfront credit when you trade in any registered TMP Cisco products for new Cisco products.

Competitive Technology Migration Program (CTMP)

Are you thinking about moving to Cisco products? Can't decide what to do with all of that old competitors equipment? Trade in current competitor products for an upfront credit on new Cisco products!!

Teaming Incentive Program (TIP)

Are you a certified Cisco partner and think you could help by teaming up with Cisco to win a deal? Join TIP and receive discounts even if Cisco finds the deal first!!!!

Not For Resale (NFR)

If you are looking to supply your own business with Cisco solutions or looking to have the most up to date demos available, the NFR program can help you do this at a discount. All products in this promotion are for non-profit generating activities and are only for use by the customer. 

Cisco Easylease 0% Financing

With easylease, you have access to an alternative source of funding that enables you to acquire the right Cisco solution when your business needs it.

Solution Incentive Program (SIP)

If you come up with solutions that integrate vendor-partner business applications, you can receive special pricing when selling with SIP! 

Cisco Rewards

Cisco Rewards is the sixth accelerator of the Partner Plus program, called Sales Representative Rewards. Points are rewarded for selling eligible products and services, and for participating in special offers each quarter.


Try and Buy

Do you have customers that are on the edge about switching to Cisco products? With this program you can give them the chance to experience the benefits of Cisco products with a 90 day trial!


Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment

Remanufactured to exacting standards in Cisco's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment carries the same warranty as new equipment and offers all the financial strength of Cisco Capital. You get Cisco Certified protection for a fraction of the cost of new equipment, reducing your total cost of ownership.

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